Sport for Good Chicago

Launched in June 2018, Sport for Good Chicago is a long-term commitment that helps improve the lives of under-served youth through the power of sport. By bringing together dedicated leaders, providing resources, and facilitating collaboration at the local level, Sport for Good Chicago helps ensure that more children and youth have access to high quality, youth-centered sports programs

Sport for Good Chicago is Laureus’s fourth Sport for Good City, built on learnings and experience from our collective impact efforts in Atlanta, New Orleans, and New York City.

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Jess Lopez: Up2Us Sports
Amy Mummery: America SCORES Chicago
Alex Landberg: Chicago Run
David Flynn: We Coach
Meghan Morgan: Girls in the Game
April Lillstrom: Urban Initiatives
LaVonte Stewart: Lost Boyz Inc.
Rob Casteneda: Beyond the Ball
Colleen Harvey: Playworks Illinois
Keri Blackwell: Chicago Cubs



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