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March 30, 2016

Laureus USA is committed to using the power of sport to address the most challenging problems facing children and youth across America’s diverse communities. With Sport for Good currently active in Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, and New York, we aspire to leverage our experience working in deep partnership in individual communities to propel the Sport for Good national movement. 

Grounded in an assets-based association model, our approach to community-based change connects volunteer and professional coaches, educators and schools, parks and recreation systems, youth development professionals, social service organizations, and sport-based youth development non-profits to a network of resources. Together, our Sport for Good communities will ensure more children and youth have access to high quality, youth-centered sports programs, allowing communities across the US to unleash the power of sport to increase physical and mental health, improve educational and employment outcomes, and address critical social justice issues.

Our ambitious goal is to have 20 Sport for Good cities by the end of 2020 (#20×20). To support this nationwide expansion, we launched the Sport for Good League, an online community driving collaboration between people using sport for social change.

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