Chicago Program Officer

created: Thursday, December 20, 2018

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Program Officer reports to the Director of Programs and is responsible for the planning, implementation, impact, and sustainability of Laureus USA’s Sport for Good Cities program in Chicago.

  • Relationship Development

    • Build strong relationships with local nonprofit organizations, government agencies, funders, schools, and other stakeholders that are actively working in or have an interest in sport for development
    • Participate in complementary city-wide initiatives in key areas such as juvenile/youth justice, equitable development, violence reduction, public health, childhood trauma, education reform, food access, out-of-school time, SEL, and other areas as opportunities arise
    • Create connections between issues relevant to sport-based youth development and opportunities for Laureus to leverage its position as a funder in local advocacy and/or thought leadership circles
    • Be active in the youth and community development communities; participate in conferences, workshops, networking events, and other thought leadership activities
    • Facilitate introductions between various stakeholders as opportunities present themselves
    • Build strong relationships with local professional teams and athletes to cultivate local Sport for Good Chicago ambassadors
  • Advocacy, Backbone Support, and Program Implementation

    • Provide comprehensive, collaborative leadership and support for the Sport for Good Cities program according to Laureus USA’s values-based methodology
    • Provide high quality, responsive, and dynamic backbone coordination in keeping with established best practices of co-created community change models
    • Provide strategic and logistical support as needed for network meetings as well as an annual leadership council retreat and other city activities
    • Establish an active and engaging presence on the Sport for Good online community platform and encourage widespread use across membership
    • Be proactive in listening to sport for development professionals and broader stakeholders to understand their challenges, needs, and solutions
    • Seek out and build partnerships that result in local training and capacity building opportunities for members
    • Represent Laureus and the Sport for Good Chicago at public events and/or mass media
    • Strategize and plan outreach activities to enhance and sustain existing and future networks for Sport for Good Chicago members
    • Coordinate with Director of Programs to support local participation in annual training opportunities with national strategic partners
    • Manage local budgets and observe all financial processes and procedures in coordination with the Director of Finance
    • Work closely with the Marketing and Communications Manager to support marketing and communications efforts locally and nationally
    • Ensure use of the chapter evaluation toolkit and work closely with the Evaluation and Data Systems Manager to ensure ongoing learning opportunities are maximized
  • Grants Management

    • Oversee, administer, and manage grants to local community organizations in accordance with Laureus USA’s grant-making process.
    • Ensure timely reporting and support data collection to capture grant partner metrics of success
    • Participate in comprehensive annual grants evaluation with full program team
    • Serve as reader for US-based RFPs and fully participate in programs team grant review process
  • Special Projects and Events

    • Represent Laureus with local and national funders and other strategic partners as needed
    • Provide guidance and take a leadership role in creating a local fundraising strategy and support national fundraising efforts led by the Director of Development as needed/appropriate
    • Provide leadership for Laureus on internal and/or external special projects
    • Work closely with the Director of Marketing and Events and local leadership council to execute a local gala/signature event
    • Work with local Mercedes-Benz dealer board representatives (or designees) to plan and execute an annual dealer activation event
    • Host out of town guests as opportunities arise to build awareness of the Sport for Good Cities program
    • Provide coordinative support between the Sport for Good Chicago members/leadership and local external partners
    • Facilitate relationship between non-local Laureus USA staff, Sport for Good Chicago members, and local external partners to plan and execute events

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • Values Driven Leadership

    • Must believe in and have demonstrated commitment to Laureus USA’s values:
      • Learning Culture: We believe in “learning in public” with transparent practices. We do not propose to have all of the answers, and instead seek continuous growth and knowledge through equitable and honest partnerships.
      • Organizational Empowerment: We believe that the most impactful social impact is driven by frontline practitioners.
      • Emergent Leadership: A dynamic and adaptive leadership style is required to embody a commitment to local partners and organizations. We must be willing to take advice from local experts and follow their lead, while working in the framework of Laureus USA’s methodology.
    • A demonstrable understanding of and commitment to equity and inclusion across all forms of diversity and difference
    • A commitment to shared learning and shared leading across all relationships
    • Ability to unite people around shared ideas and build consensus within a relationship-driven emergent context
  • Sector and Local Knowledge

    • Demonstrable knowledge of the sport for development, youth development, and philanthropic sectors
    • 5-plus years of experience within a non-profit organization with a deep understanding of non-profit operations, including board governance, finance, HR, programs, monitoring and evaluation, and development
    • Deep understanding of the Sport for Good Chicago, the challenges facing children, youth and families, and efforts currently underway to address them.
    • Demonstrable knowledge of the sport for development, youth development, and philanthropic sectors in Sport for Good Chicago and hold existing relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Core Competencies and General Requirements

    • Independent self-starter that has experience working as part of a decentralized team
    • Ambitious problem solver that naturally builds strong and trusting professional relationships
    • Strong project manager that can multitask, meet strict deadlines, and manage a team of people from partnering organizations
    • Excellent facilitation skills with a welcoming and outgoing personality
    • Excellent organization and time management skills
    • Strong verbal and written communication skills
    • Experience using Salesforce as a grant management tool
    • Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree preferred

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