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Sport for Good Chapters

March 30, 2016

Nationwide, we have supported innovative sport for development programs for over a decade. Our experiences have revealed that while many sport for development programs share aspirations, they remain dispersed and disconnected.   We know that these organizations could accomplish more if they had the opportunity to work together.

In response, Laureus USA developed Sport for Good Chapters as a collaborative approach to sport for social change. We are deepening sport’s impact in a specific region by having its program leaders and non-profits work together to scale up positive opportunities for young people.These leaders are able to meet regularly and share experiences as they work towards shared goals. Chapters combine their individual skills, ideas and resources to increase efficiency and tackle locally relevant issues. By activating chapters across the country, Laureus USA is strengthening the sport for development movement as a whole.

Through our Model City Initiative, Laureus USA provides its Sport for Good chapters a deeper level of funding and support, accelerating the impact these Chapters have on their community. The initiative combines grants, monitoring and evaluation support and professional development to accelerate the impact of sport as a tool for youth development:

  1.  We provide long-term grants to local youth organizations using sport to achieve health and well-being, education, employment and community cohesion outcomes.
  2.  We hire full-time, local staff that provides backbone leadership to the chapter of leaders, guiding them as they set shared goals and measurements.
  3.  We recruit local business and government stakeholders to join and increase the impact of the chapter and align chapter goals to city-wide initiatives.

By uniting sports based youth development organizations and local stakeholders to work towards shared goals, we are positively impacting a growing number of young people and driving long term systems change in the community. We currently have Sport for Good chapters in Atlanta and New Orleans. Due to a deep local commitment in Atlanta and New Orleans, we have also activated these cities as part of our Model City Initiative with full-time Laureus staff working locally to drive collaboration and advance sport’s impact on the lives of youth.


 Laureus USA has piloted the Model City Initiative in New Orleans since September 2014. Thus far,

  • Community leaders identified long-term impact priorities
  • 6 local organizations received grants
  • Over 20 local organizations have been inducted into The New Orleans Sport for Community Coalition, committed to achieving social change through sport
  • The Orleans Parish State of Youth Sports and Physical Activity was produced to provide a baseline for future evaluation
  • Over 29,000 local youth have been reached


 In February 2017, we expanded our Model City Initiative to Atlanta’s Westside communities.

  • To begin the process, Laureus USA partnered with local non-profit Families First, who has over 125 years of experience working with the youth and families of Atlanta, to engage with the community and assess Westside Insights into Youth Sports
  • Laureus is currently accepting proposals for its Sport for Good Atlanta grants
  • We will fund youth sport programs in three of Atlanta’s Westside communities – English Avenue, Vine City, and Washington Park
  • Organizations interested in applying for funding must complete our online Expression of Interest form by March 3rd, 2017 

Laureus Prep-a-Scholar Community Event

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