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June 9, 2016

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About Laureus USA

About Laureus (Global)



About Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA

  • Laureus USA provides the funding, research and visibility required to scale the Sport for Good movement nationwide
  • Sport for Good is the intentional use of sport as a tool for social change, driving youth to achieve health, education, employment and social cohesion
  • Laureus USA invests in exceptional youth development programs that use Sport for Good
  • Since 2012, Laureus USA has impacted over 375,000 youth nationwide
  • Through their support of national non-profits Playworks and Up2Us Sports, Laureus USA has supported the training and placement 1,500 sport for development coaches in 58 cities

About Laureus Sport for Good 

  • Founded in 2002 from Nelson Mandela’s declaration that “Sport has the power to change the world.”
  • Laureus Sport for Good has supported more than 150 sport-based community projects in 35 countries, making them a global leader in the evaluation and operation of Sport for Good programs
  • Has raised over $100 million to support Sport for Good
  • There are 9 national Laureus Foundations

About Laureus World Sports Academy 

  • A unique association of 60 of the greatest living sporting legends who volunteer their time to support the work of Sport for Good
  • Under the chairmanship of rugby legend Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Academy Members share a belief in the power of sport to break down barriers and improve the lives of young people around the world
  • To see full list of Academy Members, please visit http://www.laureus.com/academy/members

About Laureus Ambassadors 

  • Laureus Ambassadors are current or retired sporting icons that have aligned themselves with Laureus’ mission of Sport for Good
  • There are over 180 Laureus Ambassadors amplifying the impact Sport for Good worldwide
  • Recognized as role models and icons of success, Ambassadors volunteer their service to publicly support Laureus’ work
  • To see full list of Laureus Ambassadors, please visit http://www.laureus.com/ambassadors

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