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Our Mission

We change the lives of youth and strengthen communities through the power of sport.

  • Our History

    Founded in 2002, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA harnesses the power of sport to empower and improve young lives while tackling community-based challenges.  The

  • Our Approach

    We believe that sport has a uniquely powerful ability to help solve some of society’s most challenging problems, specifically through the practice of Sport for Good

  • Our Impact

    We have impacted the lives of over 360,000 youth by targeting and measuring growth in health, employment, education and community cohesion We have increased the

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair

– Nelson Mandela, First Laureus Patron, 2000

Our Work

We currently fund a diverse portfolio of 11 Sport for Good programs, reaching 58 US cities.

  • Model City Initiative

    Founded in 2014, the Laureus Model City Initiative is a long-term, city-wide approach to strengthen communities through sport. Historically, Sport for Development

  • Community Grants

    Laureus USA makes grants to community  programs that use sport to measurably improve one or more of the following areas: health,  educational attainment,

  • National Grants

    Laureus USA invests in coaches, funding the training they need to become highly effective mentors in their communities. Training fuels caring and capable coaches to

  • Research & Evaluation

    We value academic research and program evaluation as tools for measuring and improving Sport for Development methodology. We commission research and impact measurement

We tackle social inequities through the power of sport

We are the champions of sport as a force for collaborative change

We help communities and youth realize their full potential

We are the catalyst


Our Team

  • Academy and Ambassadors

    Academy Members and Ambassadors are a select group of current and retired athletes and sports figures who have made significant contributions to the sporting community

  • Board of Directors

    EDWIN MOSES, DIRECTOR, CHAIRMAN AND LAUREUS ACADEMY MEMBER –  Won Olympic gold medals in 1976 and 1984, three World Cup titles, two World Championships and broke

  • Our Supporters

    Global Partners   As the oldest car manufacturer in the world Mercedes-Benz can look back on a long and unique tradition. Mercedes-Benz is the  most valuable

  • Meet the Staff

    BENITA FITZGERALD MOSLEY CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Benita joined Laureus USA as CEO following her senior executive role with the United States Olympic Committee



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    JUST ANNOUNCED  The 2016 Laureus Legends Dinner Series, sponsored by UBS, will feature two exclusive networking events hosted at Riverpark Restaurant. The Laureus

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    Photos can be accessed through the Laureus Digital Archive KEY FACTS About Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA Laureus USA provides the funding, research and

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    Your support will help us engage a growing number of deserving children in Sport for Good.  

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